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When is it time for Coaching

At BeCoach Academy we provide professional coach training. But this doesn’t mean that coaching is the right fit for every situation. Depending on an individual’s specific needs and situation, he or she might benefit more from another service such as consulting, mentoring, psychotherapy, or counseling.

Let’s take Lindsey’s example.

Lindsey feels stuck in her job. She likes it but it is always the same. She is motivated by growth and in her current job she does not see any growth potential. She remembers all her previous achievements, how excited she was to be learning, to be growing. She remembers how she was looking forward to the future. Now she misses these feelings. She knows that it is possible again but she doesn’t know how to start.

Who can help Lindsey?

Is it mentorship?

If she knew exactly what she wanted to do instead, she could find herself a role model who is in the position where she wanted to be and asked for mentorship. This would benefit her from the wisdom of her mentor. She could get feedback on the steps she was thinking to take and avoid things that the mentor knows that do not serve her path.

Is it consulting?

If she decided that she has no idea what job fits her she could go to a career consultant, who would implement some assessments and give her some suggestions on which paths to pursue. Then she would need to make a plan on how to pursue that. Maybe she would need to study again, or gain certain new skills which would be served by training. or she would need to apply for a new job in a new field. Which the consultant could help with suggesting changes on her CV, on her self-presentation skills, or connecting her to some companies.

Is it psychotherapy?

If Lindsey was feeling really sad about her job which affected all areas of her life, giving her pain, she could go to therapy to understand and resolve her emotional conflicts before she moved on to another job.

But Lindsey is just feeling fine. She is physically and mentally healthy. She wants to gain clarity on what she wants to have in her life, on her new professional goal.

It is time for coaching for Lindsey

She knows that this struggle right now is an opportunity through which she will grow and change.

She knows that she has achieved so much in the past, she knows she can find her own solutions to her challenges.

She wants to see things she might be missing through new perspectives, she wants support and motivation to move forward, she wants accountability.

It is time for coaching for Lindsey.

It is time for coaching

  • if you want to have total clarity about what you want to achieve
  • if you want to design actions and solutions for yourself to get where you want to be
  • If you want a flexible, personal, learning solution to be the person who you dream to be
  • If you want to create long-lasting change for yourself and for your relationships
  • If you want feedback, new perspectives. motivation and accountability to make your goals a reality

If you want to check for yourself if coaching is right for you, you can take this quiz by the International Coach Federation.

If you want to learn coaching, have a look at our Professional Coaching Diploma Programme.