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What is a Coaching Credential and Why does it matter?

When I decided to become a professional coach, I noticed the raised eyebrows about coaching. Many people were skeptical about the seriousness of coaches and the value of this work.

I could understand it as I had come across some coaches who seemed more interested in themselves and their way of doing things than being a support to others. And on the other hand, I experienced a profound transformation through coaching and knew how important this work was.

Knowing that many people had question marks about coaching and caring highly about the work I would do, it was very important for me to get a coaching qualification. That is how I connected with the International Coaching Federation.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization for coaches and coaching. ICF sets the standards for the coaching profession and coaching education and maintains these standards through regular independent certification and the code of ethics. 

As I got to know about ICF, I decided to pursue ICF accredited coach training and a coaching credential

A picture of me with the digital badge of my credential

What is a coaching credential?

An ICF Credential is a professional certification, which vouches for you to meet specific coaching standards. It communicates that you are dedicated to the highest quality in your coaching services and you adhere to strong ethical behavior in coaching.

Because of my experience in coaching, it was important to me to get a coaching credential. And I was not alone in this. Coaching clients care about coaching credentials too. According to 2022 Global Consumer Awareness Study, 85% of coaching clients say it’s important or very important that their coach holds a certification or credential.  (Source:

A coaching credential provides you with professional credibility.

ICF offers three coaching credential corresponding to your coaching education and experience.

1. Associate Certified Coach (ACC): completed 60 hours of coach training and 100 hours of client coaching experience

2. Professional Certified Coach (PCC): completed 125 of coach training and 500 hours of client coaching experience

3. Master Certified Coach (MCC): have held a PCC Credential, completed 200 hours of coach training and 2,500 hours of client coaching experience

How to start your credentialing journey?

Your journey to the coaching credential starts with accredited coach training. BeCoach Academy offers accredited coach training, which can be a pathway to an ACC or PCC credential.

You can join Coaching Foundation Certification or Advance Coaching Certification programme to get your coaching credential.

If you have questions about the credentials or coach training, join an upcoming webinar.