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What does it mean to live a values-driven life?

We all want to be happy or feel joyful and fulfilled. And we try different things in order to achieve that state of happiness and fulfilment. We decide to travel, to change job, to get married, we try this and that. We achieve that desired happiness for a while and then…we feel that again we miss something. We return from a holiday, a new job becomes boring after a year or two, a marriage turns to routine and we are in a search for ‘fresh’ happiness and fulfilment.

But what we are searching for? Does it exist at all, that ‘thing’ which can bring LASTING joy and fulfilment? Yes, it does. But it is different for different people. This is something truly important to us, which we need to bring to the surface of our consciousness and learn to create more space for – our VALUES.

I will give you my own example. My core values are Inspiration, Growth and Love. They are my Northern Star, my reference point, the voice of my soul. When a new project, a new opportunity or an offer comes by, I first ask my self these simple questions: ‘Does it really inspire me?’, ‘Will I grow through this experience?’ because I know that if I FEEL INSPIRED, if I FEEL that I GROW – I am therefore happy, fulfilled and joyful. For this I don’t need to escape to a wonderful exotic location or change jobs. I can be joyful and fulfilled here and now because that is what brings me joy and fulfilment – it is when I live my values. Love, as a value plays a special role. Love I nurture. I love feeling LOVE, love for my home, my husband, my family, my friends, my colleagues, my students. All I do, I do with LOVE – creating, communicating, walking, working, even cleaning. I am cleaning my home with love, because I love my home. 😊

Knowing my core values gives clarity. It is easier to make decisions and to stay focused, eliminating all things which are not aligned with my values and therefore drug my energy and consumes my time. Life gets lighter, brighter and easier.

Do you know what your values are?

With Love,

Elena Marsh

P.S. Values are vital parts of the coaching process. We have allocated a full module to Values in our coach training. Learn more about our Professional Coaching Diploma programme here.