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Values and Beliefs

Once you dive into the world of Values, it becomes very clear that values drive your actions and decisions.

The students of the Professional Coaching Diploma programme become more confident as they see what is important to them, in other words, discover their values, and claim them in their lives.

The work with beliefs is a bit more tender. Our beliefs are deeply rooted and therefore hard for us to notice.

They are usually formed very early in our lives through parental programming and societal conditioning and become part of our identity. We don’t even notice that they are beliefs.

I have a personal story of discovering a belief. I thought I had a cartoon-like voice. My father had told me this once and I believed him.

A couple of years ago, in a public speaking club meeting with my Toastmasters Club Munich Prostmasters, my evaluator who came on stage to evaluate my speech told me how she loved my voice.

I could not believe my ears. After the meeting I went to her and asked if that was true, she said “Yes”. A couple of other members confirmed. I had a beautiful voice!

That changed everything for me!

For years, believing that I had a funny voice, I had spoken funnily to match my voice and took less “stage” time not to bother when there were important things to be talked about.

Since I got the feedback, I have been more confident when I spoke and I have been speaking out more when there is something to be said. I’ve started using my voice to deliver my message. I’ve recorded podcasts and speeches on video.

My belief was challenged by people who saw me differently and it got completely destroyed and a huge potential and power opened up for me.

Most of us lead lives constrained through the glassess of limiting beliefs. What opportunities are being missed, what potential is not being lived because of these beliefs?

That is why coaches are needed. A coach sees the full potential of the individual and challenges the version they see of themselves. A coach challenges the limiting beliefs, inviting the person to see the glasses they are wearing and make a new decision about what they want to do with these glasses. A coach partners with the individual to provoke their thoughts about who they are being right now so they can become who they want to become.

Values and Beliefs are important parts of coaching process and therefore important parts of Professional Coaching Diploma programme. We allocated a full module to Values and Beliefs and continue deepening the work in the Understanding Your Coaching Clients module.

You can join us to learn about the work in Values and Beliefs and create your own compass of values and the skill to challenge beliefs of your own and others to unleash the potential.

Looking forward to supporting you on your journey!