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Use the Change for a Higher Possibility

What do you do when a HUUUGE change is imposed on you? You ride the waves to the top!

What does that mean? Listen.

At the end of 2021, we learned that the International Coach Federation changed the credentialing paths and coach training requirements.

We had an ACSTH accreditation, which offered enough accredited training hours (127) for PCC credential.

In the new system, there would not be any ACSTH accreditation. There would be a Level 1 Accreditation leading to the ACC credential, with between 60 – 124 training hours, and a Level 2 accreditation leading to the PCC credential, with 125 – 175 training hours.

The equivalent of ASCTH accreditation in the new system was Level 1, and we could have an easy transition. But because we have always aspired for coaching excellence, we wanted to use the change to go for the highest possibility for us, which was Level 2 accreditation.

Was it easy? No! We had to go through a challenging period – which will be the topic of another post and video.

But was it worth it? Hell yeah!

We have reconnected with coaching heart to heart. Our students, while working up to PCC level of coaching, experienced in their bones the impact powerful coaching creates. Now our students’ learning path is much smoother through completing their mentoring and performance assessment in their home academy to get their credentials!

The moral of the story: change happens, and it is mostly out of your control. However, change brings possibilities to maximize your potential. That is also what the coaching mindset is about. Go ride the waves of change to the top and maximize your potential!

Yours truly,