Işıl Uysal Calvelli

I believe that we are all born with powers unique to us that brings the world to where it should be.

I believe that we all have the right to live meaningfully and we have enough resources for making that happen.

I believe that we are connected and get affected from each other.

I think our life stories can be really good guides for us to decide what we want to do, where we find joy and what we find meaningful.

My life story has been a good guide for me.

My Story

From early age on I always had that thing: I could easily notice the talents of people, When I grew up, I knew I wanted to do something about people.  I was interested in psychology and I was fascinated by the stories of people, the variety of characters and ways of perceiving and being in the world. But somehow, I did not act on that. I followed a path that was commonly followed by successful students in my country.

I studied management and graduated from a top university and had a “successful” international career of 10+ years in project and product management. That career gave me a new life in a new country, money that enabled comfortable living and good relationships. But at some point that was it. I couldn't motivate myself anymore. I couldn't find meaning in what I did. And having meaning as an important value made it really difficult for me to continue doing what I was doing.  I was suffering.

I knew I had a potential to do something else, something meaningful but I did not know exactly what. After numerous workshops, books, coaching sessions I found it. You guessed it: coaching. The funny thing is deep inside I knew all along that it was coaching. I was just scared so I found excuses, I evaluated other alternatives, I kept myself busy with other things. Once I listed all the things that mattered to me and all the things I am good at, it was clear as day that I had to pursue coaching. 

I am a certified coach and I hold an ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I help international professionals get to power positions so they can change the world in their unique ways. I believe the world would be an amazing place if we all put our talents to use, that's why I coach, speak and write. You can find everything I write about coaching here on the blog of BeCoach Academy and on the website of my personal coaching brand Younich

I live in Munich since 6 years and moved here for the love of the city, that's why I also write about Munich on my blog Move to Munich.

Helping people discover their super powers, gain confidence in themselves, build a vision for themselves and get creative realising it is my mission and I enjoy every minute of it!

Looking forward to meeting you and working with you! But don't wait till then. Say hi on LinkedIn!