March 19

Together Stronger


It might be challenging to keep one’s balance these days.

We know how important the environment is for your health and well-being. Even though you can physically feel well, the messages that are communicated every minute may have an influence on you. You might find yourself feeling anxious, stressed, scared. 

We want to tell you that we are here.

That we care.

We want to hold the spaces for you that will do good, that will support, elevate and empower you. 

You are kindly invited to these new spaces

*NEW: Complimentary Coaching Session

Via these coaching sessions, we kindly invite you to your thinking space. We will be your partners, asking you questions, sharing our observations and being there with you on this journey. You can book your session here.

PowerWorking Sessions

With the new changes, most of us work from home. It can get lonely. It might be more difficult to concentrate when your need to see and to be seen is not met. That’s why we have the PowerWorking sessions.

This is how a session works:

We come together, welcome each other, share what we want to work on and have accomplished at the end of our time together. Then we go mute, keeping the cameras on and start working on our personal projects for 25 minutes. When 25 minutes are over, we do chitchat of 5 minutes and go back to the 25 minutes working slot. We have our break and do the 3rd round of 25 minutes working. When that is over we all come together and celebrate our accomplishments together.

This meeting takes place from every day from  Monday-Friday from 10:00 am till 12:00 pm on ZOOM on the following link:
Please add the sessions and the link to your calendar.

Together Stronger Group Coaching

In this group coaching session, we hold the space to share our challenges in this current setting of the unknown, use coaching to gain clarity, remember our own strengths and create ways of being that will benefit us most and the others.


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