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Time to be fully present

It is time for Easter holidays. These holidays provide us with the opportunity to be fully present with our loved ones.

But how present are we?

Modern living has trained us to be fast, we can’t wait for that website to load, we eat while we scroll through our Instagram feed, we rest while watching Netflix. We are constantly doing multitasking. And we are rarely fully present.

What if you treat this holiday as an opportunity to be fully present?

If you are spending the holiday with your loved ones, you have additional help. You can be present with them. You can pay attention to how they are, what they say and how they say it.

You can listen to them.

Listen to what matters to them, what their challenges are, and what they strive for.

Listen for how have they changed since you were last time with them, since you really heard them last time.

What have they learned? What are the new words they use now while they speak?

What touches them really? What do they do really great? The way they come up with multiple ideas, how they can take care of many things at the same time, how energising they are, how logical they can think, how good cook they are, how thoughtful they are….

Listen for the gifts of your loved ones, acknowledge these and tell these to them.

How tender it is to see your loved ones in that way! 

Be present and learn about your loved ones anew

How much you can learn about them by staying curious, by just being there with them,  being present with them!

Listen to them, listen for who they really are, for who they have become and they are becoming. It is the greatest gift you can give to them!

Take this opportunity to give your loved ones this gift of your presence. You will see that it will also be a great gift to you!

Presence and listening are two of the most important competencies we work with in coaching. If you’d like to learn coaching with us check our Professional Coaching Diploma Program .

Happy Easter!