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There are no unresourceful people

When I saw his face, I immediately felt that the conversation won’t be light.

– “How are you?” I asked.

– “Oooohhhh…” was the answer.

– “What has happened?”

– “I just don’t understand why it is so hard?! I guess everybody is just very tired, including me.”

That was a beginning of a coaching call with a leader, one of my coaching clients.

We began to explore. He described that during the team calls they focused on performance, the gap between the target and the actuals, and they brainstormed ideas about how to shorten this gap.

I asked him about the energy that is in the air during those calls.

– “It’s heavy, as I said, it feels like we are tired. There is little enthusiasm and no creativity.”

Well, I wasn’t surprised. Where would enthusiasm and creativity come from? What was present that could have created that?

And this is where we started diving into.

In the highly versatile and incredibly fast-paced business environment, we feel pushed and pressed to reach targets. All we can see are the challenges, one after another. We feel stressed, exhausted, and demotivated.

This is the summary of the situation described by the leader I coached. I empathized. He was not the only one who described this type of challenge to me.

And at the same time, I know that we feel been snowed under with the business demands as long as we allow this to happen, as long as we focus on the next fire to be extinguished.

No matter how hard it feels, the responsibility of a leader in the situations like that is to… slow down. Yes! Slow down, look back at what has been achieved. Take care of the emotional state of the people.

Right, there is no enthusiasm and no energy. I always remember this: “THERE ARE NO UNRESOURCEFUL PEOPLE! THERE ARE UNRESOURCEFUL STATES”.

If you want your people to be enthusiastic, you need to create an environment for this.

How? Great question!

At BeCoach Academy, we train our students (future coaches and leaders) to develop a mindset which focuses on points that can be celebrated and acknowledged, first and foremost! Every coaching session and every meeting starts with the question: “What can we celebrate today?” and “What else?”. The energy is lifted by acknowledging people for their intentions, trials, lessons, wins no matter how big or small. This energy is the birthplace of enthusiasm and creativity!

On the 4th of September, we will be running an online workshop, where you can learn more about different ways to create energy, motivation, and enthusiasm regardless of external circumstances.

You can check it here and sign up.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn how to become a coach or a leader who INSPIRE, EMPOWER and support others to GROW.


Elena Marsh,

Co-founder of BeCoach Academy,

Transformational Leadership Coach