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Student Testimonials

Hear what our students have to say about our ICF accredited online coaching courses for individuals & businesses.

– Rumi

Whether you want to enhance your leadership style, attract and retain employees across your business, cultivate a culture of learning and growth, or become a professional coach that creates impact in people’s lives through transformative coaching, our programmes will support you in reaching your goals. 

We work with people, who are invested in their growth, growth of others and growth of the world. Who choose meaning, service and trust over status, control and power. A key approach we teach across our programmes is resourcefulness and tapping into one’s potential. This is what we mean when we refer to “being the ocean in one drop”.  We believe that when you embody a coaching mindset, you learn how to support others to recognise their full potential. A trained coach is like a drop of water, when it touches the surface, it creates circles that grow outwards, activating and energising others with every ripple.

Dr. Rosita Kokotanekova

Lena Popretinskaya,

Melanie Leitch

Dagmara Asbreuk

“I loved the international element, there were many different nationalities, age and diversity taking part in the programme. I enjoyed the energetic approach with lots of energetic exercises and interaction.  After each weekend I felt energised. Even after a full working week and taking weekend courses, I felt inspired and full of energy”

Janice Neilson

“You can facilitate your own positive change and outlook and you will learn ways in which you can support yourself and also facilitate change in others. I now have a more positive outlook, I am a more confident, a better listener and also a better friend/confidant” 

Min Li

“Practice and feedback was really challenging, especially at the beginning, but it really drilled the coaching mindset into me. It’s really through learning to celebrate ourselves, and we always started our practice by celebrating, that it really opens the door and starts a new way of being.” 

Natalie Johnston

“The skills I have learned I now use, not just in work but with my friends and my daily interactions. It has allowed me to become a better leader and has helped me to facilitate the growth of others by helping them to find their own answers.  I have become a better listener, I create more space and time for others and when you truly listen, you hear so much more than the words that are spoken.” 

Neha Chawre

“The programme helped me to believe in myself and gave me focus around what is important to me and what isn’t important to me. I also learned that I’m not the one who has to give all the answers. Keeping this in mind I became more present with my team. I  listen more and don’t give the solutions. I asked more open-ended questions and people have started opening up more to me.”

Our graduates share one memory from the Professional Coaching Diploma programme that stayed with them.

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    Whether you want to enhance your leadership style, create an environment of trust where people feel they belong and grow, or create an impact in people’s lives through transformative coaching, we can help you achieve your goals.

    BeCoach Academy provides professional online coaching courses for individuals and businesses that fit around your work schedule and are taught in English. Learn more and join our growing international community.