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Remember to Empower

This week in our training weekend, we had new students joining. Therefore it was time for an introduction round.

To make the process smooth we asked the students to answer 4 questions.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What do you do for living and in your free time?
  3. What motivated you to join our program?
  4. What is one surprising fact about you?

Each of our students answered the first three questions with rich details but when they came to the fourth question, they were blank. They could not find anything surprising about themselves.

Some after giving a long thought came up with an answer from their past. But for some we had to jump in with what we knew about them.

We: “You just published a book!

She: “Ah yes! Ah, I also took a sabbatical and traveled the world for a year!“.

(For another student)

We: “You ride your pink bicycle on the streets of London!

She: “Ah yes! And I also fell down recently, and Victoria Beckham stopped in front of me!

These two students had amazing experiences but they could not remember.

Crazy, isn’t it?

It is not.

We usually forget the best experiences of our lives because our attention falls into what is not good enough.

Over time, and with repetition of exercising our attention on what is not there, not good enough and not working, we build beliefs about ourselves, our potential and our capacity which might reflect itself as lack of confidence.

One of the themes of this training weekend was empowering our coaching clients and our coaches practiced evoking clients’ awareness of their inner qualities, strengths, and talents. They used inquiry and appreciation as tools.

They practiced the tools on each other and they have experienced the power of this awareness themselves.

Would you like to also include this practice in your life?

If your answer is yes, this is what you can do

Whenever you have a positive experience, a success, overcoming a challenge, being proud of an achievement, or having a joyful event, ask yourself:

“What about me created or contributed to this result?”

The answers will give you your inner qualities and strengths.

If you’d like to learn coaching tools like this one and become a professional coach, learn more about our programme here.