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RAIN – A Practice for the times where feelings take over

Daily we receive news, new warnings, numbers, directions telling us what to do and what not to do. Things are changing very quickly, the systems we have depended on are transforming in a rapid pace and there is lots of unknown.

How do you feel?

You are right to feel however you feel.

If you are feeling stress, anxiety, fear about what is happening at the moment RAIN can support you. RAIN is a tool developed by Tara Brach and it is an acronym that encompasses the following steps: 


Recognize what is happening: What sensations and emotions do you feel? What are your thoughts?


Allow the experience to be there just as it is. Pause and Be with the experience.

You can experiment saying “Let be” or “This belongs”.


Investigate with interest and care. Explore your heart and mind: What about this wants your attention?  How does this really feel? Where do you feel the sensations? Which emotions reveal themselves?


Nurture with self-compassion: What is the message you need to hear from your wise self? How can you offer it to yourself?

When you finish your RAIN practice you can notice your new presence – how do you feel right now? What changed?

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, stress, anxiety, take a pause and start with recognizing. When you acknowledge your feeling, you can release it.