Professional Coaching Diploma Programme Testimonials

"It was an absolute pleasure to be part of this coaching diploma journey. Both instructors, Elena and Isil, were supportive and empowering throughout this journey. I personally felt evolved not only in character but as a whole being specially while listening to stories and pure realisations that coachees brought with themselves. Journey was difficult, at times filled with self-doubts and existing commitments didn’t make this task easy. With the support from fellow students and instructors, I was able to finish up diploma programme actually ahead of deadline. Its an awesome opportunity to get a little closer to self-transformation and generate impact in society (and one day globally). I will highly recommend this course which encouraged and empowered me to polish my vision for life and more importantly, become responsible narrative of my story." - Heeren Sharma, Data Engineer and Consultant.

"I enjoyed the international team, I enjoyed the energetic approach during the workshops. After each weekend I felt fuelled with energy. Despite we worked all weekend, we were inspired and full of energy. I loved the practice in and outside of the weekends, supervision sessions where we get feedback to do better, I loved the reflection and I loved the appreciation we get from each other. Coaching helped me to get closer to my authentic self as a leader and with the three levels of listening to understand other people better and build better connections with the people I lead." - Dagmara Asbreuk, Leader and Coach.

This is what our graduates said about us:

It has been an amazing experience!

The coaching diploma course of BeCoach Academy has been an amazing experience for me, and I strongly recommend it. The course is very practical and combines theory and trainings during several online and in person modules which makes it very flexible and easy to be combined with a full-time job. The outstanding dedication, motivation and energy of the founders, Isil and Elena, add a tremendous value to the learning experience.

ANA MUNGUIA CASTRILLO  //  Environment Management @Allianz

This was the best decision I made in years!

I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy. Full time work, mentoring ux/ui students, and trying to have some normal life in combination with the course was a challenge. I am not sure I'd say yes if I knew how much work it will be. But looking back, I believe this was the best decision I made in years. I learned a ton, my communication style changed, I became a better leader, and (I think) a better human. I can highly recommend the training to all that are interested in coaching and/or are in a leadership position.

PIA KLANCAR //  UX Designer and Mentor

The program was a gift which I am grateful for...

The BeCoach Academy is founded by two great professional coaches that are committed to the coaching science and art. The professional coaching programme was a gift which I am grateful for, as it allowed me to  get to know myself and other people better, learn great tools and techniques and welcomed me to the great world of coaching. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a professional coach or gain essential coaching competencies, to further grow as individual and professional.

STYLIANI BELLOU  //  SAP SuccessFactors Learning Consultant 

It was a great transformational journey!

It was a great chance for me first of all better to know myself, to see clearly what I should improve, it brought me to another level of self understanding. 

I don’t know yet if I will change my career to the coaching direction one day, but the best thing about this program is that it  gave me tools to use in my life, to support my family and friends, to use at work and also it helped me a lot to improve my leadership skills. 


It was a great transformational journey for me. And this was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I would highly recommend the program not only in case if one wants to be a coach, but to anyone who is interested in self development and wants to expand his/her potential. 

Naira Sahakyan

What makes BeCoach Academy different according to our graduates:

This is the most complete programme I have ever done!

We learn about coaching in different ways, through live trainings, different types of coaching sessions, self-learning and this makes the learning easier and richer. Elena and Işıl are great coaches and great teachers! They know a lot about coaching and they know how to teach with enthusiasm and fun while sharing their knowledge, journey and experiences. I had a lot of fun while learning about myself and about coaching. What I loved the most about this programme is that it changes your life and teaches you how to empower others to change their lives too!  

Julia Stamm