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Prepare for the Life of a Professional Coach

Learn how to conduct a day-to-day professional coaching business in Coaching Practicalities module.

In 2018 when the initial idea of BeCoach Academy was born, we conducted research with people who had shared with us that they would be interested in coach training.

They told us that they did not only want theory, but they also wanted to know about the real practice of coaching: How was to be in the coaching business? What activities would await them? How would they create their client base?

All these questions are answered in the Coaching Practicalities module of the Professional Coaching Diploma programme.

In this module,

You will gain clarity about

  • the path you’d like to choose as a a coach
  • your ideal clients
  • your coaching niche

And you will learn

  • Legal fundamentals of setting up a coaching business.
  • how to build trust during the Chemistry session.
  • How to do proper contracting for a powerful coaching partnership

Coaching Practicalities module is a great start to the Professional Coaching programme and it takes place on April 23rd.

Learn more about the programme and download the brochure here.