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Practice Practice Practice!

One of our slogans (we have quite some:)) in BeCoach Academy is “Practice practice practice!”

Coaching is learned through…. well… coaching.

In our training weekends, we want to make sure that every theory/model/approach is experienced, therefore we design the curriculum in a way that allows a lot of practice time.

In our time together, we collectively enrich the learning, close the loops of the open questions and help what is in the brain come naturally to the body – through practice.

Behind the scenes, there is a lot of preparation going on to create the best practice experience. We plan the practice groups so every participant experiences coaching with different participants at different times and everybody can be observed by the supervisors multiple times to get feedback.

After every practice during the weekend, we come together and reflect on the experience: students reflecting on their coaching, on the experience of being coachee, and supervisors providing feedback.

When the weekend is over, the supervisors collect all their notes and add the detailed feedback for each participant to their individual feedback sheet and share with them.

The practice is not over.

Our students now can do the practice on their own in Module Practice Sessions. They decide what they want to practice from what they have learned in the weekend, set their goals and record a session with a coachee – who is not part of the program. Another student reviews the recording and provides feedback. Every student practices what they have learned by recording a session themselves and listening to and providing a feedback to another.

In addition to the practice in the training weekends, our students go through Coaching Lab sessions where they coach on the spot and get direct feedback from the supervisor and observers and they collect 40 hours of coaching experience as part of their graduation requirement.

If you want to learn coaching, your way also goes through practice, practice, practice!

If you want to learn coaching with us, take a look at our Professional Coaching Diploma programme!