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Powerful Coaching comes with Powerful Questioning

Asking questions is easy. But they might not be as easy as you think, which is what our students say in the first training weekend of the Professional Coaching Diploma programme.

In the first training weekend, we work a lot on “asking powerful questions”. Questions are one of the most important coaching tools.

Questions in coaching invite the client to think anew in the moment. This thinking can be an interoceptive exploration of what they feel or what thoughts they have or what comes in the moment.

What the coach thinks or knows does not matter, it is all about the coachee. The coach wants the coachee to express their own truth and inquire what that means for THE COACHEE and how that relates to what the coachee wants. Through these powerful questions, the coachee gets in touch with their truth and insight which inspire them to take action to become who they want to become. That is where the power of coaching comes from.

Every new coaching practitioner learning that they should ask questions, does their best to do so but most of the time the questions end up being suggestions masked as questions such as  “What do you think of speaking with your manager?“. (The coach here suggested that the coachee should speak with their manager but they masked the suggestion as a question.  )

This is very normal. Because a coach wants to be helpful. And so far they have helped others by doing something for them or giving an idea. That is why the automatic approach to support the coaching client is to give a suggestion. It takes training to rewire this habit.

That is why our training weekend  “Advanced GROW” focuses a lot on powerful questioning. We support our students to notice their own tendency to suggest and guide, let go, relax into not knowing and trust the resourcefulness of the coachee and strengthen their ability to ask powerful questions in the moment.

We are running the “Advanced GROW” training weekend on January 22nd and 23rd and you can still join us.

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