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Potential-Interference=Performance – Coaching for Leaders +1

Coaching for Leaders + 1 is a series of mini-classes aimed to help you to Introduce a coaching approach to your leadership. The classes are at your service in video and audio format.

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel:

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 I invite you to reflect on a question: What is your real expectation from the people you lead?

And if you take some time to reflect, you will realize that at the bottom line what you expect from your people is that they show up at their very best, that they act at their full potential. When we act at our full potential we are engaged, we learn fast and we progress towards our goals quicker.

So, what is your role as a leader in this regard? It is to create an environment in which people can be at their best. Your role is to close the gap between their current level of performance and their potential. Timothy Gallwey in his book ‘Inner Game of Work’ suggested a formula: Potential-Interference=Performance.

The question is, how to minimize interference? When you coach your teams effectively, you embody a coaching mindset and coaching competencies: you are present, you listen, you provoke thinking and facilitate the creative flow of ideas; you create an environment of trust, empowerment, and growth. Being a coach to your teams you evoke an intrinsic motivation and inspire them to be at their best.

Easier to say, than to do. To be a leader who can coach effectively requires practice. Again and again! This is why at BeCoach Academy practice and feedback play an essential role in the learning process.

If you want to be a leader who can coach members of your team effectively so that they bring their best selves, let us know.

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