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My Life Changed Because of Coaching

Hiacynta Warsicka graduated from BeCoach Academy Professional Coaching Diploma programme and when we asked her what coaching training changed in her life, she said everything, to use her exact words “My life changed because of coaching.”

When we asked her about what made her decide to take coaching training, she said “the practicality of coaching to help others” (she is a psychologist) and the professional title she would get.

She decided on getting her training in BeCoach Academy because she felt the personal touch and availability from the first moment and she was amazed by the learning experience that she got to test through her attendance to our free-workshop.

She finished the conversation with a message to you.

“If you are not sure if coaching is for you, if you’re listening to me and you think, hmm, I don’t know. She’s psychologist. I’m a manager and I don’t know if this is what I want to do, just write an email or call Isil or Elena and maybe join some events they are planning and have a look. There’s no need to make a decision right here right now, but just have a look. “

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