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Life Without a Tie – Wisdom Cafe with Ray Martin

Ray has done something that many people dream of but for different reasons never do. He cut his ties with the “conventional” life of a successful and very busy CEO of a TOP 100 consultancy firm in London and left the safe harbour in search of a life that is true to himself.

Accepting that kind of calling requires courage. And even though there is excitement about visiting new places, meeting all kinds of people and learning lots about life and self, there are also doubts, fears and loneliness at times.

Journeying through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, New York, and the Himalayas for more than 15 years became a journey of personal transformation. Returning home with new realisations, wisdom and a set of guiding principles Ray generously shared these gifts in his book Life Without a Tie.

Wisdom Café is a place for soulful connections, open sharing, and mutual learning. In this session of Wisdom Cafe, we conversed with Ray about authenticity, courage and living true to your core values. We also asked him how his life experiences affected him as a coach.

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