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Learning Coaching is an exciting journey

Our participants join the Professional Coaching Diploma programme to learn coaching, become coaching leaders or professional coaches and once they start their journey, the journey changes them and offers additional gifts: transformation, connection, and joy.

Here is what our graduate Natalia Koptelova shared right after she graduated from the programme:

My heart overflows with gratitude.

Back then, in Jan 2020, when I decided to join the Professional Coaching Programme, I could not have imagined where this journey would take me.

It’s been an amazing two years of transformation (and hard work, I should admit), building connections with like-minded people, spreading the joy of coaching, creating impact.

What makes me the most excited is that this journey will continue.

Thank you for the love and passion you put into your work

If you’d also like to learn coaching with us, take a look at the Professional Coaching Diploma programme.