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Learn with Community

Whenever we ask our graduates about what makes BeCoach Academy special, one big answer we get is the “community”.

Here are the answers some of our graduates give about what makes BeCoach Academy different.

In BeCoach Academy, you learn coaching in community.

When you join, you are welcomed by the whole community in our whatsapp group. Then you get to know your cohort in a special welcome call, with whom you work together throughout your coaching journey. And, you practice coaching with the rest of the community in the regular community events such as coaching practicum.

Coaching practicum is a workshop (additional to our coach training) offered free to our BeCoach community where you learn and practice a new coaching tool or technique to enrich your coaching toolbox and gain more confidence. 

If you wanted to join the next cohort of our coach training we invite you to sign up now so you can also benefit from the upcoming coaching practicums, connecting with the community, and starting to practice coaching together.

Learn more about the programme here and schedule a call with us to proceed with your application to the coach training.