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Learn the Coaching Process with Advanced GROW module

Do you want to help people?

Help them see their own potential and be the best help to themselves by coaching.

Coaching starts with the vision because it is the north star that reveals the inner motivation and provides the energy to take the steps that require learning, courage, and determination.

Powerful questions and an environment of trust and safety help the person to see her own potential, which is the vision that she wants to realize.

Coaching is this environment and coaching conversation is the awareness creator, inspiration revealer, and path planner. Through coaching the individual plans the steps towards making their vision a reality and takes these steps one by one with the accountability partnership with the coach.

You can become the coach that helps people realize their visions. It starts with learning the coaching process.

The Advanced GROW module of the Professional Coaching Diploma programme is all about mastering this process.

You will practice asking powerful coaching questions, supporting your coaching clients in defining and clarifying their vision, which will be the source of their inspiration, motivation, and resilience.

You will learn how to structure your coaching conversation so that they can set powerful goals, examining their reality, brainstorming different options, creating strategies to overcome obstacles and pitfalls, and agreeing on an action plan to move forward towards their desired outcome.

If you’d like to learn more about the Professional Coaching Diploma programme, download the programme brochure here.

If you’d like experience the power of the coaching process, and bring it to your daily conversations join our free workshop BeCoach Connect.