Leadership Coaching  Programme

Become a Coach

who supports leaders in creating their authentic leadership style and developing the leadership competencies to increase productivity, engagement and sense of purpose.

The global financial and geopolitical calamities of the past decades are in major part failures of leadership. As key influencers of leaders’ values, identities, abilities to act for the long term and for the wider good, coaches are close to the front line in terms of social and commercial change. This position requires them to have both an awareness of their potential to influence and the skills to help leaders take and live brave decisions.

Become a Leadership Coach

to create an impact in lives of leaders, in lives of people they lead, in lives of organisations and society.

programme overview

The programme consists of the learning resources, active practice during the live-training weekend, peer-coaching and mastermind calls. You will learn and practice coaching models and techniques to support leaders in:

  • Clarifying their mission as a leader
  • Identifying values
  • Creating trust
  • Winning through challenges
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Leading in changing environment
  • Effective decision making
  • Motivating/ engaging others

program duration

6 weeks

core training dates

will be announced


6 weekly practice-coaching sessions

progress & support

3 bi-weekly mastermind calls

The programme is designed to fit to the schedule of a working professional. The live training takes place in the weekend, practice sessions and mastermind calls take place after work hours.


- Professional coaches who want to enrich their toolset and support leaders
- HR and L&D Managers directly involved in working with leaders
- Leaders who want to be more effective, fulfilled and successful in their roles

Additional Benefits

You will join a group of international people

You will become a part of a supportive community of coaches and leaders

You will get a life-long access to the learning resources

You will receive Leadership Competencies and Leadership Values sets of cards to facilitate a powerful discussion with a leader around their strengths and developmental needs.

Your Trainer

Hi, I’m Elena

Elena Marsh

Elena Marsh is a Leadership Transformation Coach (PCC) and a co-Founder of the BeCoach Academy. Elena has more than 15 years of experience working with international leaders on a variety of topics such as Leadership Development and Team Management, Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution, Performance Management and Engagement. Elena holds certifications in Personal Performance Coaching, Corporate Executive Coaching, Evolutionary Coaching and Conscious Business Coaching.

The Programme Fee

The programme fee is €1700 +VAT. Upon your application we will reach out to you and confirm with you the details for your invoice.

what our previous participants say

I made the right decision

The programme has exceeded my expectations. I have acquired a great deal of techniques and better understanding of potential challenges a leader may face and the corresponding tools how to tackle them as a coach. The program contained a lot of interactive exercises and practical examples and we enjoyed a very collaborative and open atmosphere.
I’ve left the Leadership Coaching Programme offered by BeCoach Academy with a deep feeling of having made the right decision and the right investment and I can strongly recommend it to anyone who’d like to grow and develop new skills in this area.

Viara Richter

Trainer, Facilitator, Expat Career Coach

It was an enriching experience

From a leader perspective it helped to re-confirm where I’m on my leadership journey, reconfirm current priorities of development as well as sharpen my personal mission and vision. From a coach perspective it gave me opportunity to practice tools to help leaders to develop their competences, create their personal vision and mission as well as develop their habits accordingly. As a graduate from the BeCoach program, it was a great opportunity to refresh some knowledge and go deeper in models in the leadership context. My total favorite one is 7 levels of consciousness which helped me to understand myself better, detect where leaders might struggle and what to challenge as a coach. I like the combination of theory, praxis and reflection which maximizes the learning experience.

Dagmara Asbreuk

Leader and Coach