Leadership Coaching Programme 

Learn leadership coaching to support leaders create their authentic leadership style and develop the leadership competencies in this 2-day programme on 07-08 November.

What is Leadership Coaching Program?

How do you become an authentic leader? How do you help others maximise their leadership potential?

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. Leadership Coaching inspires clients to maximise their leadership potential.

In Leadership Coaching Programme you will decode what leadership potential is and learn the steps and tools to support leaders and yourself to maximise this potential.

You will learn the leadership competencies, the dimensions of being an authentic leader, how to support leaders develop their leadership style and navigate the leadership challenges.

Why you should attend?

  • If you are a coach or an HR Professional, you will learn how to support leaders best in their development.
  • If you are a leader yourself, you will learn how to develop your leadership competencies and your authentic leadership style, and how to help others develop theirs.

In this programme we will cover

  1. Core Leadership Competencies
  2. 7 Levels of Leadership - Coaching at different levels
  3. Values in Leadership
  4. Fearless Leadership
  5. Leadership and Trust
  6. Coaching Leadership Challenges
  7. Coaching within Situational Leadership Model

Expand your skills beyond the live sessions 

By joining the Leadership Coaching Programme...

You will be joining the community of leadership coaches, with whom you will practice leadership coaching, develop your leadership competencies and gain clarity on your vision, mission and values as a leader.

You will come together weekly for 6 weeks with your peer-coach and practice coaching.

You will have access to 3 bi-weekly mastermind calls for progress check in and maximising your learning.

You will receive a workbook with all the materials, tools and techniques you need.

We also have a special gift for you!

In this workshop we use Leadership Values and Competencies cards. As a participant you will be leaving the workshop with your own sets of cards worth 100 euro, which you can use with your coaching clients.

Your Trainer

Hi, I’m Elena

Elena Marsh, Leadership Transformation Coach (ACC).

Elena Marsh is a Leadership Transformation Coach (ACC) with more than 10 year of coaching experience and professional certifications in Personal Performance Coaching, Corporate Executive Coaching and Evolutionary Coaching.

As  a result of this programme you will have

  • The confidence of knowing your own leadership style and knowing how to support leaders develop their leadership styles. 
  • 20 different coaching tools and models to support a leader in their development.
  • A set of Leadership Cards with 20 leadership challenges, 48 leadership competencies which you can use to facilitate a powerful discussion with a leader around their strengths and developmental needs.

The Programme Fee

The programme fee is €1700 +VAT. For decisive participants who sign up untill Oct. 9th, there will be 15% early bird discount. Upon your application we will reach out to you and confirm with you the details for your invoice. We will kindly ask you  to do a payment via money transfer.

This is what previous participants said

I made the right decision

The programme has exceeded my expectations. I have acquired a great deal of techniques and better understanding of potential challenges a leader may face and the corresponding tools how to tackle them as a coach. The program contained a lot of interactive exercises and practical examples and we enjoyed a very collaborative and open atmosphere.

I’ve left the Leadership Coaching Programme offered by BeCoach Academy with a deep feeling of having made the right decision and the right investment and I can strongly recommend it to anyone who’d like to grow and develop new skills in this area.

VIARA RICHTER  //  Trainer, Facilitator, Expat Career Coach 

It was an enriching experience

From a leader perspective it helped to re-confirm where I’m on my leadership journey, reconfirm current priorities of development as well as sharpen my personal mission and vision.  From a coach perspective it gave me opportunity to practice tools to help leaders to develop their competences, create their personal vision and mission as well as develop their habits accordingly. As a graduate from the BeCoach program, it was a great opportunity to refresh some knowledge and go deeper in models in the leadership context. My total favorite one is 7 levels of consciousness which helped me to understand myself better, detect where leaders might struggle and what to challenge as a coach. I like the combination of theory, praxis and reflection which maximizes the learning experience.

DAGMARA ASBREUK  //  Leader and Coach

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