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Help people access their own wisdom

“Wow, all this time I’ve been thinking of this problem, and this has never occurred to me. Thank you. “

This is what a client said after a “A-HA” moment in a recent coaching conversation.

I congratulated him on his new thinking. I have not “done” anything. It was all him…

… and the coaching space, we co-created.

In this space, he could be himself while knowing, not knowing, feeling, thinking, speaking, and not speaking in with full safety. And he could access his thoughts, emotions, intuition in calmness.

I was there to hold the space with him, to bear witness, to listen, to mirror.

I did not interrupt his thinking process, I did not suggest ways.

It was him… supported by the power of coaching.

This kind of awareness that feels magical is accessible to all of us. We can support people to access their own wisdom by co-creating this thinking space with them.

It starts with “zipping it”.

When you are about to give advice, zip it. And hold your full attention on the person, to tell more and to think more.


It might sound simple but practice it and you will see that it is not easy.

Because for so long we have been training ourselves to suggest ways, to contribute, and create value through sharing our experience and thoughts.

“Zipping it” involves the unlearning of the limited definition of contribution and creating value.

You create value by being fully present, actively listening, bearing witness, and acknowledging the wisdom of the person you are with.

The unlearning takes practice, the practice involves being aware of the urge to say something, and still stay present and silent.

The journey of becoming a coach involves this practice along with many others.

Would you like to step into this journey and start your practices?

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Looking forward to zipping it coaching with you!

Isil Uysal Calvelli

Co-founder and Trainer

BeCoach Academy