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Frustration is Part of Learning

In my head, I know how to do, but somehow when I start doing it, I do differently.

Does this sentence sound familiar?

This is the statement of one of our students at the first practice of the Advanced GROW module.

Frustration is part of the learning journey.

It is the Conscious Incompetence part, where the learner is extremely conscious of what they don’t know and can’t do. When one persists in learning, she transitions into “Conscious Competence” where she is more aware of what she knows and can, and with more practice, one reaches the Unconscious Competence stage where the work feels effortless.

If you are learning something new, remember this frustration shall pass.

It passes through practice. When you keep on practicing the new skill you are learning, you will move from Conscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence. 

That is what we make sure that happens in BeCoach Academy.

We make sure the learners of coaching get various types of practice: in the training weekends, through module practice sessions, through coaching labs, and coaching practicums… And they get 1-1 support in individual coaching from us and lots of emotional support from the big-hearted BeCoach community.

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