September 25

Fall’20 Season Kicked Off in BeCoach Academy!


It was our first face to face module of our coaching training after a long time. And due to COVID-19 regulations, we moved to our new location where we had lots of physical space in between. The physical distance was there at all times, but there was no distance between our hearts. The group connected immediately in the first hour as everybody started introducing themselves. An invisible thread connecting everyone was sewn, a new language developed, we even created a signature move for our group!

Our participants came from various backgrounds, countries, and professions. But they all had one vision: being a great coach. They developed this vision through coaching and set their step stone goals. During the weekend, they reflected on the coaching principles and practiced core coaching competencies. They learned and practiced the GROW model, stretched themselves with active listening and powerful questioning. When the weekend ended we celebrated their achievement with champagne! Everybody left the live training weekend tired but happy and excited for the next steps of the journey.

Are you intrigued? You can kick-start your coaching journey with the upcoming module Empowering Coaching Relationships which will take place on October 17-18. Learn more about the programme here.


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