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Facilitating Transformation

This is an advanced training module for people who have already mastered fundamental coaching competencies, like Cultivates Trust and Safety, Listens Actively and Maintains Presence. During our work together you will learn: to understand at which stage of psychological development your client is and at what level of consciousness they operate, which will help you to… Read More »Facilitating Transformation

Wisdom Cafe – Evolutionary Coaching to Facilitate Leadership Transformation

We invite you to the Wisdom Cafe where you can learn from the important teachers and bearers of wisdom. In this Wisdom Cafe, our teacher is Richard Barrett, the world recognised thought-leader, an author, President of the Barrett Academy, for the Advancement of Human Values and the Founder of the Barrett Values Centre, who described… Read More »Wisdom Cafe – Evolutionary Coaching to Facilitate Leadership Transformation

Coaching Circle

Come, join the Coaching Circle. This event is for 1. coaches who want to practice coaching and meet people who want to be coached 2. for people who want to experience the benefit of coaching by being coached. 3. for people who consider becoming a coach and want to collect their first experiences in coaching… Read More »Coaching Circle

Maximize Your Impact with Coaching

Do less. Be more. Let your presence make the impact. The biggest needs of individuals are to be seen, accepted, and acknowledged. People feel trust and safety with others, with whom they can address their needs openly. When people feel trust and safety, they navigate through life at their best. In this workshop, you will… Read More »Maximize Your Impact with Coaching

Welcome Call

Learn about the coaching journey ahead of you as a new member of BeCoach Community. In this call, you will get to know the faculty, your fellow participants, and all the activities of your coaching training with BeCoach Academy. This link for the call will only be shared with the participants of the coaching training… Read More »Welcome Call