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BeCoach Connect

Learn to INSPIRE, EMPOWER and help others to GROW by joining BeCoach Connect!  Get your free ticket here. You care about the growth of people you work with and always do your best to help them. But things don't go as you planned. You find yourself at your limits not knowing how to help. You… Read More »BeCoach Connect

The Journey of Becoming a Coach

Becoming a coach is a transformational journey. You don't only create a new professional path for yourself, but also the journey changes you. When you start to change, the results you experience and your impact on others change. In this webinar, we will talk about your journey of becoming a professional coach. You will have… Read More »The Journey of Becoming a Coach

Maximize Your Impact with Coaching

Learn powerful coaching skills to maximize your impact on the growth of others. The biggest needs of individuals are to be seen, accepted, and acknowledged. People feel trust and safety with others, with whom they can address their needs openly. When people feel trust and safety, they navigate through life at their best. In this… Read More »Maximize Your Impact with Coaching