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Coach the Person to Embody Their Most Resourceful State

THERE ARE NO UNRESOURCEFUL PEOPLE, THERE ARE UNRESOURCEFUL STATES. Being in an unresourceful state means being disconnected from our best selves - our strengths, gifts, and talents. Being poorly equipped to access the resourceful state slows down the movement forward, and might hinder us from achieving our goals and desires. In this Coaching Practicum*, you… Read More »Coach the Person to Embody Their Most Resourceful State

BeCoach Open Air – Energize Your Wellbeing

hirschgarten Munich, Germany

Get to know your city's coaching academy, meet the founders, and the international community on the green grass and under the blue sky. In this gathering, you will reflect on your wellbeing through the power of coaching and energize forward action. You will also connect with others deeply through engaging exercises and practice core coaching… Read More »BeCoach Open Air – Energize Your Wellbeing

Maximize Your Impact with Coaching

Learn powerful coaching skills to maximize your impact on the growth of others. The biggest needs of individuals are to be seen, accepted, and acknowledged. People feel trust and safety with others, with whom they can address their needs openly. When people feel trust and safety, they navigate through life at their best. In this… Read More »Maximize Your Impact with Coaching