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Engaging with Values

I was a disengaged and demotivated employee once. Could my manager do something about it? Yes, indeed!

There are some fundamental needs we all share, like the need for safety and security, the need for acceptance and belonging, and the need for recognition and success. And yet at different stages of life and at different stages of personal and professional development our focus shifts from one set of values to another.

We are driven by having our values met. They are at the core of our motivation.

Many years ago, at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I had challenges to create a sustainably successful business. At some point I faced an unattractive reality – I did not have enough money to pay my bills. I felt stressed, panicking, and scared. My fundamental need for safety was threatened. I realized that I need to find a part-time job. That was pretty much all that was important to me back then – I needed to earn some money.

So, I found a part-time job. It certainly released the fear and stress. I felt much better emotionally. I was even happy. For a couple of months. Then a new set of values took over. I needed to fill accepted in this new work environment. I needed to feel that I belong here. Even temporarily. I began to make attempts to build relationships with different people, to connect. With some, I succeeded. With others, I failed. The failing part did affect my motivation and engagement negatively. And even though I felt financially safe, I began to dread my mornings when I had to go to work.

I decided to focus on those people with whom I had a good relationship and connection and kind of avoid when possible, contacts with those people to whom I could not connect. This worked. For a while.  Little time passed when a new set of values showed up and began to rule my motivation at work. I wanted to feel recognized and feel good at what I was doing. The challenge was that one of the people with whom I could not connect was my supervisor. And even though there were other people at work who recognized my efforts, the relationship with my manager mattered.

Eventually, I have decided to quit. I did it because some of my fundamental values were not fully satisfied – I didn’t feel that I belong and I didn’t get recognition for my efforts from my manager.

Now when I coach leaders, they often bring the topic of motivating and engaging their people. And I ask them: “Do you know what their values are?”, “What drives them? What is important for them?” Some of them make rough guesses, others raise their shoulders and shake their heads. 

Understanding the values of people whom you work with, understanding what is important for them at a certain point of their personal and professional development is absolutely key for their motivation and their engagement. And it is a key to your success as a leader.

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