Professional Coaching Diploma Programme

Become a Professional Coach and help people to fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals

Become a Leader and inspire people’s growth and development with coaching approach.

Professional Coaching Diploma Programme is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach training.

This is what our students said about us

I am able to help my team better

Ana Munguia describes the impact the programme made in her as being able to pause and take balcony perspective to assess the situation better and support the individuals to use their own resources most effectively.

It really made an impact on me

Heeren Sharma says he could learn coaching tools and techniques anywhere but BeCoach Academy was unique because "this mix of the modules trainings tools and environment, which are very supportive, very encouraging, really made an impact. "

People are opening up to me

Elena Popretinskaya shares that even though she was an agile coach, she learned what coaching really was in BeCoach Academy and is more a coach at work now. "People noticed it. They say Lena, you are listening much more deeply"

programme overview

Professional Coaching Diploma Programme is the name of the full range of programme offerings which prepares you to become a great coach if you choose coaching as your new career path or if you want to be the best leader to your team.

Our programmes consists of learning resources, live modules, and Coaching lab and demo sessions so that your learning does not stay in theory but you become a coach by doing and being.


Coaching Foundation Programme

Foundational coach training - 6 weeks

coaching foundation certification

Pathway to ICF ACC (4-5 months)


Advanced coach training (4 months)


Pathway to ICF PCC (7-8 months)

The programme is designed to fit to the schedule of a working professional. All training takes place in the weekend, practice sessions take place after work hours.

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4 Programmes for Becoming a Professional Coach or an Inspiring Leader

The How and Details


Develop the mindset of a coach. Take the coaching stance in every situation, act from the place of being powerful, resourceful and whole. Interact with everyone from the place of knowing that they are powerful, resourceful and whole too.


Use coaching skills in every aspect of your work and life. Listen actively, question powerfully, challenge lovingly, appreciate fully, contribute co-creatively. Empower and inspire people you work with.


Get crystal clear on your values and create your personal vision aligned with your values that builds up your powerful presence . Gain awareness of your beliefs and needs to shift your paradigm and maximize your potential.

Content of the programmes

1. Build the Theoretical Foundation - e-Learning Platform

You will gain access to the e-learning platform the day you sign up and start building the theoretical platform by self-learning.

2. Anchor the Learning in your Mind and Body - Live Training Weekends

You will come to the live training weekends having already worked through the theory with your questions and the open loops. In the live training weekends, you will close the open loops, enhance your learning through discussion and coaching, bring the knowledge from the mind to your body through intensive practice and feedback.

Step 1:  Coaching Foundation Program

Module 1: Establishing Connection

You will learn to create an environment of deep connection.

Module 2: Creating Results

You will learn to create a powerful coaching process, partnering with your client.

Step 2: Advanced Coaching Program

Module 3: Deepening Awareness

You will learn how to work with values and beliefs of your coachees and tap into their intrinsic motivation.

Module 4: Facilitating Transformation

You will learn how to support your coachees to move from unproductive states to being a powerful player and creator.

Module 5: Managing Practicalities

You will learn the practicalities of being a professional coach with all the processes.

Module 6: Coaching in Organizations

You will learn how to manage conflicts effectively, create a coaching culture, lead change  and support others to lead change.

"It helps me to build more connection and trust with people I lead." - Dagmara Asbreuk, global procurement leader. 

"The programme provided me with the discipline of deep reflection, which helped me to become a better coach and helped clients to come out with more for themselves." - Arul Ramadurai, CEO and Executive Coach

"I now approach challenges differently. I focus on listening more, really understanding what's going on on both sides." - Melanie Maier, director in financial sector.

"It helps me to build more connection and trust with people I lead." - Dagmara Asbreuk, global procurement leader. 

"The programme gave me the sensibility to pick up the sentences of limiting beliefs and challenge them." - Israel Barcellos Perreira, Digital Sales Professional

"I grew into the coaching mindset. I am much more relaxed, I now know what centered means, I developed more trust with myself, with the universe that everything will work out." - Min Li, Senior Manager and Professional Coach

3. Enhance Your Skills by Practice and Feedback - Coaching Lab Sessions

You will practice coaching in trios, get feedback on spot from your supervisor and team members, and get subsequent written feedback on your coaching.

4. See and Discuss - Coaching Demo Sessions

You will observe trainers in real coaching setting and learn by discussing the session with fellow participants and the trainer.

5. Develop Your Coaching Style - Real Coaching Practice

During the programme you will collect real coaching experience which will let your own coaching style unfold. 

6. Get Support - Individual Coaching Sessions

You will have access to individual coaching sessions with the trainers for maximizing the potential of your coach training.

7. Reflect on Your Growth and Discuss - Coaching Development Journals

You will develop your skills and mindset through the power of continuous reflection on every step of the program through coaching development journals.

8. Mentoring

If you have chosen one of the certification paths (ICF Level 1 or ICF Level 2), you will receive guidance of our mentor coaches to achieve the highest level of coach competency in a 3-months-mentoring programme.

9. Certification

If you have chosen one of the certification paths (ICF Level 1 or ICF Level 2), you will graduate with the confirmation of coaching excellence through assessment of your coaching session recording and written reflections. With your certificate, you will be able to apply to ACC or PCC credential in fast track. 

10. Continue your Growth Together Stronger - Lifetime Access to Exclusive BeCoach Community

The minute you join the programme, you become a lifetime member of BeCoach Community. You gain excess to the exclusive LinkedIn and Whatsapp group and unlock member-only perks such as monthly coaching practicums, special coaching workshops and retreats and access to ever-expanding coaching toolbox.

The Dates of Upcoming Sessions

Professional Coaching Diploma programme is offered in two levels: 1.Coaching Foundation Program and 2.Advanced Coaching Program 

If being a credentialed coach is not your priority for the moment, you can choose to join Coaching Foundation program. At the end of this program, you will get a certification of completion.

If you'd like to become an ICF credentialed coach at the ACC level, you can go through the Coaching Foundation certification. If you'd like to become a credentialed coach at the PCC level, you can go through Coaching Mastery Certification.



21 - 22 Jan 2023


11 - 12 Feb 2023



4 - 5 Mar 2023


25 - 26 Mar 2023


15 Apr 2023


16 Apr 2023

Plans & Content

Coaching Foundation Program

Coaching Foundation Certification

Advanced Coaching Program

Advanced Coaching  Certification


(Value 3000€)



Establishing Connection

(Value 1500€)

Creating Results

(Value 1500€)

Deepening Awareness

(Value 1500€)


Facilitating Transformation

(Value 1500€)


Managing Practicalities

(Value 500€)


Coaching in Organizations

(Value 500€)



(Value 150€)

3 sessions

3 sessions

9 sessions

9 sessions


(Value 125€)

2 sessions

2 sessions

4 sessions

4 sessions


(Value 200€)

1 session

1 session

3 sessions

3 sessions


(Value 1670€)



(Value 600€)


to ACC Level Coaching


to PCC Level Coaching

BeCoach Community Membership

(Value 1000€)

Coach Training Hours





Training Certificate

Certificate of Completion

ICF accredited Level 1 Diploma

Certificate of Completion

ICF accredited Level 2 Diploma

 Digital Badge


6800 €

9070 €

12350 €

14620 €

one payment

1800 €*

3170 €*

4200 €*

6270 €*

monthly plans





*Prices exclude VAT.

Prefer to purchase modules in the programme as you go? No problem. You can register for modules individually by scheduling a call with our team here or emailing them at

How to Get Started

Register for your first programme

Coaching Foundation Programme is the first programme where you can learn and practice the core skills of coaching, which you can implement at your work or in your relationships

Join an upcoming workshop

Experience the learning methodology of BeCoach Academy, make your first experiences in coaching, and get to know our trainers in a real-time online workshop.

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what our graduates say

The programme has been an amazing experience for me, and I strongly recommend it. The course is very practical and combines theory and trainings during several online and in person modules which makes it very flexible and easy to be combined with a full-time job. The outstanding dedication, motivation and energy of the founders, Isil and Elena, add a tremendous value to the learning experience.

Ana Munguia Castrillo

Environment management @Allianz

I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy. I am not sure I'd say yes if I knew how much work it will be. But looking back, I believe this was the best decision I made in years. I learned a ton, my communication style changed, I became a better leader, and (I think) a better human. I can highly recommend the training to all that are interested in coaching and/or are in a leadership position.

Pia Klancar

uX designer & Mentor

The programme was a gift which I am grateful for, as it allowed me to  get to know myself and other people better, learn great tools and techniques and welcomed me to the great world of coaching. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a professional coach or gain essential coaching competencies, to further grow as individual and professional.

Stella Bellou

Business program Manager @Microsoft