Professional Coaching Diploma 

Get your ICF accredited coaching training in English in Munich and become a Professional Coach with BeCoach Academy. 

About the Program

This programme is for you if you want:

  • to create a new career path  as a professional coach
  • to enhance your leadership style and step up in your career
  • to strengthen your relationships by developing communication skills

Our Programme Vision and Goals


The curriculum is composed of the following modules. You can join the programme from any module and complete your training in the order of your choice.

Coaching Fundamentals - Self Learning

Practicalities of Coaching -  11 July 20 

Corporate Coaching - 12 July 20 

Advanced GROW - 19-20 Sep. 20 

Empowering Coaching Relationships - 17-18 Oct 20

Values and Beliefs   - 14-15 Nov. 20

Understanding Your Coaching Clients -  12-13 Dec. 20

The underlying philosophy of our curriculum can be found in the BeCoach Academy Coaching Model.

The training programme is an effective mix of live in-person training, on-line webinars, supervision sessions, practical coaching sessions, individual learning and self-reflecting student work.

The small number of participants in each group allows to have an individual contact with each student and provide a lot of possibilities for practicing and receiving a feedback. 

Course duration

127 ICF Accredited (ACSTH)

Professional Coach Training Hours 

Monthly webinars, mentoring supervision and  reciprocal coaching will be scheduled during the course. Individual learning materials will be provided before each training day.

The trainings will take place in Munich on

Saturdays and Sundays between 9:00 - 18:30.

Course hours:

Live training days - 64 hours

On-line webinars - 11 hours

Individual coaching sessions - 3 hours

Supervised coaching sessions with feedback - 18 hours

Demo Sessions - 7 hours

Self-learning (reading and video materials) - 24 hours

You can work through the programme at your comfortable pace with the condition to finish it not later than 2 years after you begin.

It's not only a Coaching Diploma!

By enrolling to BeCoach Academy Professional Coaching Diploma Programme

You will begin to practice being a coach from day one of your training.

You will develop your own toolbox to use with coaching clients in different situations and for a variety of purposes.

You will become  a member of a supportive community where you can keep mastering being a coach after the end of the program.

Read/ watch the experiences of our graduates on our Testimonials Page

You will also

  • Get two personal coaching sessions of 60 minutes each scheduled in the beginning and in the middle of your coaching study to support you in your development as a coach.
  • ​Participate in supervised coaching sessions with verbal and written feedback.
  • Learn from observed coaching delivered by trainers and peers followed up with a discussion and mentoring guidance.

Your Trainers

Hi, I’m Elena

Elena Marsh, Leadership Transformation Coach (ACC).

Elena will openly share with you her 20 years of experience in people development and coaching, bringing to the training various examples, stories and wisdom from numerous resources on psychological development, evolutionary coaching and leadership. 

​In coaching and training she loves to create a safe space for deep thinking and emergence of new ideas, solutions and revelations.

Hi, I’m Işıl

Işıl Uysal Calvelli, Certified Professional Coach (ACC).

Isil will support  you in deepening your understanding of core coaching competencies and creating a successful ethical coaching business. She will bring in her own experience of running her own coaching business, being an ICF credentialed coach and her knowledge of marketing and psychology.

Isil loves creating a warm and fun environment in coaching and training where ideas and inspiration can flow in. She enjoys challenging questions, makes use of her intuition and fosters the joint creativity.

​How to enroll

To enroll to the Professional Coaching Diploma programme you need click APPLY and arrange a phone call with one of the trainers to see whether our course is the right course for you. Assuming the phone conversation went well you will need to reserve your place in the programme by making a deposit of minimum 900 euro. The remaining amount can be paid till the end of the price period.

one-OFF price

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Until 19.06



*The course prices exclude VAT.

This is what our students said about us:

It has been an amazing experience!

The coaching diploma course of BeCoach Academy has been an amazing experience for me, and I strongly recommend it. The course is very practical and combines theory and trainings during several online and in person modules which makes it very flexible and easy to be combined with a full-time job. The outstanding dedication, motivation and energy of the founders, Isil and Elena, add a tremendous value to the learning experience.

ANA MUNGUIA CASTRILLO  //  Environment Management @Allianz

This was the best decision I made in years!

I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy. Full time work, mentoring ux/ui students, and trying to have some normal life in combination with the course was a challenge. I am not sure I'd say yes if I knew how much work it will be. But looking back, I believe this was the best decision I made in years. I learned a ton, my communication style changed, I became a better leader, and (I think) a better human. I can highly recommend the training to all that are interested in coaching and/or are in a leadership position.

PIA KLANCAR //  UX Designer and Mentor

The program was a gift which I am grateful for...

The BeCoach Academy is founded by two great professional coaches that are committed to the coaching science and art. The professional coaching programme was a gift which I am grateful for, as it allowed me to  get to know myself and other people better, learn great tools and techniques and welcomed me to the great world of coaching. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a professional coach or gain essential coaching competencies, to further grow as individual and professional.

STYLIANI BELLOU  //  SAP SuccessFactors Learning Consultant 


  • By the end of the programme you will feel confident coaching your clients, supporting and empowering them to reach their goals and to pursue their dreams.
  • ​You will learn to understand the nature of human motivation, decision making and behaviour.
  • ​You will  learn to communicate to other people in a more effective way, motivating and inspiring them to grow.
  • You will have more clarity about practicalities of the coaching profession and how to develop a coaching business.
  • Because of the experiential nature of our training you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, your values, your beliefs, your goals and strategies. Every tool and technique you will practice and live yourself.


Here are some common questions about BeCoach Academy Professional Coaching Diploma Programme:

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What if I cannot attend one of the trainings?

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