Professional Coaching Diploma Programme

Become a Coach

and support clients in fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals.

Become a Leader

and inspire and enable people’s growth and development.

Professional Coaching Diploma Programme is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach training.

programme overview

Professional Coaching Diploma Programme prepares you to become a great coach if you choose coaching as your new career path or if you want to be the best leader to your team.

Programme consists of learning resources, live modules, and Coaching lab and demo sessions so that your learning does not stay in theory but you become a coach by doing and being.



127 hours

program duration

5 - 6 months (on your own pace)*


Professional Coaching Diploma

icf credential

Pathway to ACC and PCC Credential

The programme is designed to fit to the schedule of a working professional. All training takes place in the weekend, practice sessions take place after work hours.

*You can finish Level 1 and get your first certificate in 6 weeks

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Invest in yourself, in your career and in other people

As a result of this programme

  • You will have completed training requirements for professional coach certification with ICF (ACC and PCC coaching credential with ICF
  • You will be competent to establish your coaching business
  • You will develop a deep understanding of self (yours and others); with its motives, drivers, and aspirations
  • You will be a better communicator and a better leader, having greater clarity, presence and impact
  • And therefore you will enhance your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues – having deeper connection, empathy and belonging

The Curriculum

Programme consists of 7 modules in 2 levels

Level 1 - Foundation

  • 1. Coaching Fundamentals 
    You will learn the fundamentals that enable you to begin practicing coaching
  • 2. Advanced Grow
    You will learn how to structure your coaching conversation.
  • 3. Empowering Coaching Relationships
    You will learn to create an environment of deep connection.

If being a credentialed coach is not your priority for the moment, you can choose to join Level 1 only. At the end of the completion of Level 1, you will get a certification of your completion of 50.5 ICF accredited coach training hours which you can use for your ACC or PCC credential application.

Level 2 - Advanced

  • 4. Values and Beliefs
    You will learn how to work with values and beliefs of your coachees.
  • 5. Understanding Your Coaching Clients
    You will learn to adapt your communication style to that of your coachee.
  • 6. Practicalities of Coaching
    You will learn the practicalities of being a professional coach with all the processes.
  • 7.Corporate Coaching
    You will learn to use coaching in corporate environment as an external coach, or a leader

In addition, the programme also contains:

Coaching Lab Sessions 

You practice coaching in group of 3, get feedback on spot and detailed written feedback The full program consists of 9 coaching lab sessions. 3 of them take place in Level 1 and 6 in Level 2.

4 Live Demo Sessions

You learn by observing a real coaching session and by discussing with fellow students. Each level offers 2 live demo sessions.

2 individual Coaching Sessions

You get coaching from one of the trainers to work on your learning goals and also learn from real life coaching. Individual coaching sessions are offered only to students who register to the full programme (Level 1+Level 2).

Dates of the upcoming sessions





Advanced GROW

18 - 19 Sep

09:00 - 15:30

Empowering Coaching Relationships

9 - 10 Oct

09:00 - 15:30


Values and Beliefs

30 - 31 Oct

09:00 - 15:30

Understanding Your Coaching Clients

20 - 21 Nov

09:00 - 15:30

Practicalities of Coaching

11 Dec

09:00  - 15:30

Corporate Coaching

12 Dec

09:00  - 15:30

Registration and Fees

How to register:

  • Send an email to
  • Set up your interview.
  • Sign the Terms & Conditions
  • Complete your payment
  • Start your learning


Level 1: 1800 Euro

Level 2: 2580 Euro

Full programme (Level 1 + Level 2):3590 Euro

*all prices exclude VAT

what our graduates say

The programme has been an amazing experience for me, and I strongly recommend it. The course is very practical and combines theory and trainings during several online and in person modules which makes it very flexible and easy to be combined with a full-time job. The outstanding dedication, motivation and energy of the founders, Isil and Elena, add a tremendous value to the learning experience.

Ana Munguia Castrillo

Environment management @Allianz

I'm not going to lie. It wasn't easy.. I am not sure I'd say yes if I knew how much work it will be. But looking back, I believe this was the best decision I made in years. I learned a ton, my communication style changed, I became a better leader, and (I think) a better human. I can highly recommend the training to all that are interested in coaching and/or are in a leadership position.

Pia Klancar

uX designer & Mentor

The programme was a gift which I am grateful for, as it allowed me to  get to know myself and other people better, learn great tools and techniques and welcomed me to the great world of coaching. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a professional coach or gain essential coaching competencies, to further grow as individual and professional.

Stella Bellou

Business program Manager @Microsoft

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