February 13

Coaching Practicum – Make Your Saboteur Your Ally – 22.02.19


You have important goals, things that really matter to you, things that will move you forward to the life you desire, to the “YOU” you desire but you find yourself putting roadblocks on the way. You find yourself sabotaging yourself.

“I am on diet and yesterday I just found myself eating a whole pack of chips.”
“That project was so important to me but I left everything to the last minute and what I delivered was not good enough.”
“I really want to write regularly but I never actually sit down to write, I do everything else instead.”

If only you could control yourself! If only you could stop doing that!

In this Coaching Practicum* , as coaches, we will bring a new perspective to that and we will get to know our saboteurs and make them our allies!

As a result of this workshop:

  • You will get to know your saboteur and make it participate in your goals so it will support you rather than sabotage you
  • You will learn how to support your clients and individuals get to know their saboteurs and partner with
  • them.
  • You will learn how to work with inner conflicts and help your clients make powerful choices.

Join us to have a great Friday night practicing coaching, learning a new coaching tool and getting to know other like-minded people who are interested in coaching.

*Coaching practicum is a workshop where you learn and practice coaching in a friendly, open and trustable environment with support of experienced coaches. It is the space where you get introduced to different coaching tools, techniques and coaching competences to enrich your coaching tool box and gain more confidence when working with others. Whether with your coaching clients, or colleagues at work, your team members or friends, using different coaching techniques will increase the effectiveness and impact of your coaching, leadership and communication.

Who is the Coaching Practicum for?

Our Coaching Practicums are aimed to those who:

  • wants to become a professional coach or to enhance their leadership and communication with coaching techniques.
  • wants to see how coaching works and try coaching in different ways
  • has started their professional coaching journey and want to practice different coaching techniques in a safe environment

How does the Coaching Practicum Work?

We will introduce you a tool or a technique. You, working in duos or trios will have an opportunity to experience the impact of the tools being on the receiving side, practice the tool being on ‘delivery’ side and will receive a feedback from your partner.

Workshop details

Date: 22.02.2019 19:00 – 21:30

Address: Westend English
Heimeranstr. 62 · München

Ticket price : 21,42 online (you can order your ticket here)
(23,00 if you pay at the venue)

Please register here to reserve your spot if you prefer to pay cash in the venue.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in person!


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