January 16

Coaching Practicum – Coach With Values – 23.01.19


Coaching practicum is a workshop where you learn and practice coaching in a friendly, open and trustable environment with support of experienced coaches. It is the space where you get introduced to different coaching tools, techniques and coaching competences to enrich your coaching tool box and gain more confidence when working with others. Whether with your coaching clients, or colleagues at work, your team members or friends, using different coaching techniques will increase the effectiveness and impact of your coaching, leadership and communication.

Who is the Coaching Practicum for?

Our Coaching Practicums are aimed to those who:

  • wants to become a professional coach or to enhance their leadership and communication with coaching techniques.
  • wants to see how coaching works and try coaching in different ways
  • has started their professional coaching journey and want to practice different coaching techniques in a safe environ

How does the Coaching Practicum Work?

We will introduce you a tool or a technique. You, working in trios will have an opportunity to experience the impact of the tools being on the receiving side, practice the tool being on ‘delivery’ side and will receive a feedback from the third person in the trio.

Which tools will we be practicing?

This Coaching Practicum will be focused on VALUES!

Values are what matter to us; what’s important, what we focus on. They make us take action (or not take action) – they are part of our motivation. Values drive individual’s choices and decisions. They attract or repulse us to an activity or a goal and determine the actions we will take.

If we don’t know what our values are, when goal setting they can pull us apart and cause us to procrastination. Whatever your driving values are, you will spend time, and effort on ensuring they are met. It will be reflected in your focus and the actions you are willing to take. But remember until you know what your values really are, all of this happens unconsciously.

During this coaching practicum we will be focusing on:

  • Getting a clear understanding of what values are and how been aware of your own values can make the significant difference in everything you do
  • Practicing eliciting values of your coachee
  • Practicing to set goals around values, supporting your coachee in living in a values- driven life

Workshop Details

Date: 23.01.2019 19:00 – 21:30

Address: Freiraum – Zentrum für Seminare und Coaching / Mind Systems GmbHSaarstr. 5 · München(Look for MindSystems and the logo of BeCoach Academy)

Price: 21,42 Euro online via Eventbrite, 23,00 Euro as cash at the workshop

If you prefer to pay cash at the venue, please register here.


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