November 14

Coaching Practicum – 29.11.2018


Coaching Practicum – 29 November 19:00

Venue: Freiraum – Zentrum für Seminare und Coaching, Saarstraße 5

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Time for Practicing Coaching

Coaching practicum is a workshop where you learn and practice coaching in a friendly, open and trustable environment with support of experienced coaches. It is the space where you get introduced to different coaching tools, techniques and coaching competences to enrich your coaching tool box and gain more confidence when working with others. Whether with your coaching clients, or colleagues at work, your team members or friends, using different coaching techniques will increase the effectiveness and impact of your coaching, leadership and communication.

Our Coaching Practicums are aimed to those who:

– wants to become a professional coach or to enhance their leadership and communication with coaching techniques.
– wants to see how coaching works and try coaching in different ways.
– has started their professional coaching journey and want to practice different coaching techniques in a safe environment.

How does it work:

We will introduce you a tool or a technique. You, working in trios will have an opportunity to experience the impact of the tools being on the receiving side, practice the tool being on ‘delivery’ side and will receive a feedback from the third person in the trio.

Which tools will we be practicing?

Every time different! But this time there will be two:

1. Transposing Tool

This tool was first described by Timothy Gallway in one of his bestselling books ‘Inner Game of Work’. The tool has been very popular and useful in work and private life experience when managing conflicts and difficult situations when other people are involved. In BeCoach Academy we find it to be very supportive when working with coaching clients. It is also a brilliant instrument for non-coaches to use for yourself or with friends, colleagues or family members who experience a conflict.

2. Resourceful Selves

If your coachee struggles to come up with new creative ideas of how to move forward, this is a good tool to use, encouraging them to look at the options they may have to move forward from the perspective of their strong personal assets. And again, this tool can also be useful to use for yourself if you struggle to move forward towards your desired goal.


Here is again the organisational info:

Coaching Practicum – 29 November 19:00

Venue: Freiraum – Zentrum für Seminare und Coaching

Saarstraße 5

Follow the logo of the BeCoach Academy

Tickets: 21,42 € – please book your tickets online here.

(23,00 € payable as cash in the venue)


Looking forward to practicing these insightful coaching tools with you!


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