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Coaching is the way to lead, to communicate and to be.

We believe that coaching is not just a set of skills, it is not just a profession or an instrument for better people management; it is a lifestyle, an attitude and a way of being.

It is difficult to define a single area of life where coaching would be dismissed as superfluous. Wherever there is an interaction with other people, coaching will make it deeper, more effective and nourishing. Even more, coaching will make a relationship with yourself deeper, more effective and nourishing. Let us have a look at the three areas of human interaction: 1. Leading people, 2. Communicating with friends, colleagues, family members, 3. Working with clients.

Leading People

One of the most important values for people, after satisfying their needs for safety and human connection, is GROWTH. The need to grow is in our nature. Leaders, who use coaching as an element of their leadership style provide an opportunity for people to grow, to think for themselves, to take responsibility for their decisions and choices. Through coaching, a leader empowers people by demonstrating trust – trust in their ability to think, to learn, to find their way to achieve desired outcomes. With coaching, a leader demonstrates respect and a partnership-based attitude towards people, communicating from the position of an equal. 

Imagine working with a leader who gives you an opportunity to grow, who has trust in your talents and abilities, who respects you and creates an environment for your potential to flourish. 

Imagine yourself being this kind of leader.

I have recently come across feedback provided by an employee during an engagement survey for an international production company: “20 years I was giving you my hands because this is what you asked me for. I was ready to give you more, but you never asked”. What a waste of human potential. Coaching in leadership is a way to create a culture where human potential can flourish. 

Communicating with friends, colleagues, family members

There is one fundamental thing that keeps us from having a deep connection with other people – judgment: Judgement about what is good or bad, right or wrong, the judgment that I know better and you know less, the judgment that you cannot do because you never could…. The list can go on and on. We judge others here and there, we judge ourselves – sometimes quite harshly. We get more and more disconnected. Judgment creates many negative feelings – envy, anger, disappointment, regret.

One of the key principles of coaching is that it is NON-JUDGEMENTAL. 

Imagine working with a colleague who gives you a hand without thinking of you as a failure when you need their help. Imagine a friend who gives you time and space to express your fears or feelings openly without jumping in with their opinions and needless advice. Imagine being at home where you are fully accepted as you are. 

Imagine yourself being a colleague, a friend, a mother, father, sister, brother who does not judge. 

Working with clients

If you are a coach, a GOOD COACH, it is impossible to imitate being a good listener, being empathetic, being present and focused, being non-judgmental. It is impossible to imitate trust, encouragement, and respect. When you are sincerely and fully there for your clients, it transforms the way they think. It is magic. 

Being a coach, you work with clients challenging their paradigms, befriending their fears, transforming the way they see themselves and others, empowering them to become the best they can become. It is an incredibly fulfilling experience to see others growing and being a part of this process. 

If you want to experience the impacts of coaching in your life, in leading people, communicating with friends, colleagues, family members and working with clients, Professional Coaching Diploma Programme will serve you.

Professional Coaching Diploma in BeCoach Academy is for those who want to:

  • create a new career path as a professional coach
  • enhance their leadership style and step up in their career
  • strengthen their relationships and communication with others

The doors for our Professional Coaching Diploma Programme are open! Feel welcome to find more information and sign-up for a phone call with one of the trainers on our Course page.

With warmest wishes and best regards,

Elena Marsh,

Leadership Transformation Coach and a Co-founder of BeCoach Academy.