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Coaching is most needed in these times

We are in interesting times. And coaching is most needed especially in these times.


How are you feeling these days? If you’re like most of the people I talk with, there is a sense of languishing as Adam Grant had put it. There is this lack of inspiration, purpose, meaning, and drive. If you are a leader, you might be feeling it in yourself and also in your team.

We are going through interesting times in the world. We had two years of COVID and now there is an ongoing war.

Things have shifted and things might continue to shift and change in these times. It gets even more important to find the ground right now in this moment and set your intention, take an action and reevaluate the ground and be constantly in an agile way of being and creating.

This agility will allow you to make use of all the resources you have internally and externally, to be able to co- create with people around you, to be able to inspire your team, and to be able to continue creating and being in whatever circumstances arise.

Coaching has become even more important in these times As a coach and as the co-founder of BeCoach Academy, I invite you to start this journey for yourself.

Why you should start coaching training now?

As an individual, this is a transformational journey. You get clear about your values. You have a new awareness of your past choices and assumptions, and you learn how to learn by creating new learning experiences for yourself that are targeted towards the intention that you created.

As a professional, you can create a new vibrancy for yourself by starting coaching as a side job, or maybe make it into your new career path.

If you are a leader, it’s always a great time to learn coaching because through coaching you will be able to connect with your people deeply. You will be able to recognize the motivations of every individual and you will be supporting the growth of individuals by supporting them, by helping them to make their own decisions and to choose their own path.

Because they will be more engaged, they will be more inspired. And because you will have the skills of a coach, which means to be able to coach, but also to be able to appreciate the feedback, you will be inspiring, you will be energizing your people and to be the coach for energizers will energize. I say coaching is always a good idea.

Come, experience coaching now

Becoming a coach is always a transformational journey for you, for your team, for your environment. And also, especially in these times, it’s even a better choice. We in BeCoach Academy are at your service. You can join our upcoming workshop to get a taste of our learning methodology, and the coaching mindset, what it is and how it differs from the other ways of supporting.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the workshop.