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Coaching changed the lenses I see the world from

Every participant has their own journey in BeCoach Academy. They might start their journey from any module of the Professional Coaching Diploma programme, and finish with a module, where another is just joining.

One of the traditions of BeCoach Academy is to celebrate and one big occasion to celebrate is someone completing their training modules.

On Sunday, March 6th, 2022 one of our participants, Rosita Kokotanekova, an astrophysicist by profession and by passion, completed her training modules and we celebrated her by showering her with appreciation and wishes for her future. And she celebrated herself and the moment with a speech.

Here is what she said:

I was sure before joining that this program was going to change my life but now I know in what positive and beautiful ways it is doing it.

What really is going to stay with me and has really changed me fundamentally is three things :

1. How to Celebrate

To celebrate everything in life and to celebrate the lesson in everything.

2. How Not to Judge

I am shedding off this layer of judgment that I’ve I’ve kept with me my entire life and to be free of it feels amazing.

3. To be Curious

I learned to listen to my curiosity, respect it, and follow it.

I spent a lot of my working hours looking at the world from a telescope. I took a pause from that career in astrophysics now and I wanted to see what my vision goes through the lenses that I see the world from.

This whole coaching experience helped me see the lenses, through that I see the world, but also taught me how to change and how to make them better fitting for me.

You all allowed me to see the world through your own lenses, which was really beautiful and transforming for me.

I really want to thank everyone for your generosity during our coaching sessions. Because without the input of your coaching presence of co-creating the space, I wouldn’t have begun to shape my path the way that I have now.

What else this community gave me is the ways of being comfortable and being present with myself and wanting to spend more time with myself and with that presence rather than be someone else.

I want to thank everyone for celebrating every opportunity for learning, celebrating every growth, every progress, every step for progress that I’ve made.

I’m sure that this is not the end because we have a lot of sessions to share in the coaching lab and in the future.

And also I’m sure that will stay in touch.

It was amazing.

If you’d also like to start your coaching journey and experience the changes this journey offers you, take a look into our Professional Coaching Diploma programme.