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Celebrate first Level 2 programme graduates with us!

Please join us in celebrating Rosita Kokotanekova, Ania Gabrys, and Claudio Sorano!

They are the first graduates of the Advanced Coaching Certificate programme and the first recipients of the Level 2 Diplomas.

They have completed 137 hours of coach training, including 3 months of mentoring, and passed the final performance evaluation demonstrating coaching on the PCC level!

They started their coach training in the old ICF coach education path, when our programme was accredited as an ACSTH program. While we were in the transition to the new ICF path, they became the first students who went the extra mile to transition from ASCTH to Level 2 diploma.

We thank Rosita, Ania, Claudio for their trust in BeCoach Academy, for bringing their gifts as a service to others, for their devotion, and for the hard work they put into learning and development.