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Can I be a coach?

I am not a great expert or anything. I have never been a CEO or a high level executive. How can I be a coach?

Welcome to the “Can I be a coach?” club. 

Most of our previous students have been a member of this club, but they now know that being a coach is not about your expertise or about your position.

It is about your being.

Coaching, according to the definition of ICF, is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

What do you need to create this partnership that inspires?

You need to be trusting,  you need to be present, you need to be caring, you need to be actively listening, you need to be seeing, you need to be mirroring, you need to be appreciating,  you need to be challenging, you need to be aspiring.

This being happens through doing in the Professional Coaching Diploma programme. You practice “doing” coaching, and you practice stepping into the coaching mindset so that you become a coach.

Everything is designed for your discovering your own way of being a coach through practicing, through experiencing, through sharing.

Would you like to start discovering your way of being a coach?  Book a call with us now to explore your coaching journey with BeCoach Academy.