Join the Wisdom Cafe and learn about Evolutionary Coaching

Learn about the 7 Levels of Consciousness model and evolutionary coaching from Richard Barrett in this live conversation.

Gestalt Coaching – Wisdom Cafe with Dorothy Siminovitch
Wisdom Cafe is an event series where you can learn from the important teachers and bearers of wisdom. In the[...]
What is a Coaching Credential and Why does it matter?
When I decided to become a professional coach, I noticed the raised eyebrows about coaching. Many people were skeptical about[...]
This is BeCoach Academy
Coaching for us is not only a profession but a way of being. We wanted to share with you from[...]
How being a coach can help you in your next career move
My own career began to escalate when I participated in training that taught people managers coaching skills. I was a[...]
My Life Changed Because of Coaching
Hiacynta Warsicka graduated from BeCoach Academy Professional Coaching Diploma programme and when we asked her what coaching training changed in[...]
Learn with Community
Whenever we ask our graduates about what makes BeCoach Academy special, one big answer we get is the "community".[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: Coaching Mindset
There are many important skills that can make your coaching powerful. But there is one fundamental element of coaching and[...]
Get Started with Coaching Foundations
Take your career to the next step by coaching. You want to grow personally, professionally, and career-wise. You want to[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: Commitment
You have had an agreement with a member of your team about certain actions to be taken. You meet in[...]
Time to be fully present
It is time for Easter holidays. These holidays provide us with the opportunity to be fully present with our loved[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: Tip for Effectiveness
A Coaching tip I am sharing with you today helped me and hundreds of people I've coached to become much[...]
Coaching is most needed in these times
We are in interesting times. And coaching is most needed especially in these times. GET YOUR FREE TICKET FOR[...]
Learning Coaching is an exciting journey
Our participants join the Professional Coaching Diploma programme to learn coaching, become coaching leaders or professional coaches and once they[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: Wise Leadership
In this episode of Coaching for Leaders+1, we talk about Wise Leadership. What makes a leader wise? And how is[...]
Coaching changed the lenses I see the world from
Every participant has their own journey in BeCoach Academy. They might start their journey from any module of the Professional[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: It is not about fixing
If you still wonder what coaching is and what the benefits are, you may like what I share in this[...]
Prepare for the Life of a Professional Coach
Learn how to conduct a day-to-day professional coaching business in Coaching Practicalities module. In 2018 when the initial idea of[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: Performance without Stress
Welcome to the 6th episode of Coaching for Leaders +1.If you want to learn how to achieve performance goals minimizing[...]
Practice Practice Practice!
One of our slogans (we have quite some:)) in BeCoach Academy is "Practice practice practice!" Coaching is learned through.... well...[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: Real Challenge
If you want to learn how to coach the members of your team to overcome challenges and achieve their goals,[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: The Biggest Communication Challenge
In this episode of Coaching for Leaders +1, Elena Marsh shares with you the tools to overcome the biggest communication challenge:
BeCoach Connect Redesigned
Here at BeCoach Academy, we want to share everything we know about coaching with you! That is why we organized[...]
Coaching for Leaders+1: Win or Learn
We are used to thinking that we either win or we lose. We either succeed or we fail. Balck or[...]
Remember to Empower
We usually forget the best experiences of our lives because our attention falls into what is not good enough. Over time, this turns limiting beliefs about ourself and lack of confidence. You can empower yourself by remembering.
Coaching for Leaders+1: Celebrations
In this episode of Coaching for Leaders +1. you learn to energize and empower your team by including celebrations into your meetings.
Coaching Approach to Your Problems
"If I knew how to solve my problem I would not come to coaching." We heard this statement in the[...]
Potential-Interference=Performance – Coaching for Leaders +1
In this episode of Coaching for Leaders + 1 series, Elena Marsh shares the determinants of team performance.
Coaching Leaders + 1
Coaching for Leaders + 1 is a series of mini-classes aimed to help you to Introduce a coaching approach to your leadership.
Powerful Coaching comes with Powerful Questioning
Asking questions is easy. But they might not be as easy as you think, which is what our students say[...]
Celebrate Mistakes
What is your response when you make a mistake? If you are like us, you probably get disappointed, frown, and[...]
Engaging with Values
Values are at the core of our motivation. Our co-founder Elena quit her job because her values were not met. You would not want that for your team.
Leadership is a Choice
We continue the exploration of the meaning of leadership with the leaders from different areas of work. This time my[...]
Frustration is Part of Learning
"In my head, I know how to do, but somehow when I start doing it, I do differently." Does this[...]
Learn the Coaching Process with Advanced GROW module
Learn coaching process to help people become their vision-selves in the Advanced Grow module.
Importance of Vision in Coaching
In the Professional Coaching Diploma Program the most frequent feedback our students get from us is to inquire about the[...]
Start Making a Difference in People’s Lives and Feel Fulfilled at Work
You are a good listener. People come to you for help. You notice details. You notice the changes in the[...]
Help people access their own wisdom
"Wow, all this time I've been thinking of this problem, and this has never occurred to me. Thank you. "[...]
There are no unresourceful people
When I saw his face, I immediately felt that the conversation won't be light. - "How are you?" I asked.[...]
Acknowledge and Empower
I recently interviewed graduates of the Professional Coaching Diploma programme and one question I asked was "What was most surprising[...]
Values and Beliefs
Once you dive into the world of Values, it becomes very clear that values drive your actions and decisions. The[...]
Is it appropriate to use slang in coaching?
A story of trust and co-creation
Can I be a coach?
I am not a great expert or anything. I have never been a CEO or a high level executive. How can I be a coach? Welcome to the club.
Coaching starts with the Goal
The importance of goal setting in the coaching process.
How being a coach impacts life
Our co-founder and trainer Isil writes about how being a coach impacts your life through her own experience.
Set Goals the Right Way and Create Your Best Year Ever
Goals have the power to inspire you to take action so that you can create the life you want. Take a pen and paper and go along with us to create your goals for the next year.
Leadership is creating the “We” from the “I”.
We ask Lisi Brizuela, the founder and the executive director of the non-profit association Leb-Bunt e.V, which runs the award-winning project "Das Hallo Project" about leadership.
Leadership is to Make an Impact, Create and Inspire
What is leadership? Everybody has a different definition. We will explore this question with leaders. Our guest this time is Dagmara Asbreuk.
Purpose. Coaching. Reflections
This post is from our graduate Lena Popretinskaya: "For the last several years, I have been feeling a strong pull[...]
RAIN – A Practice for the times where feelings take over
If you are feeling stress, anxiety, fear about what is happening at the moment RAIN can support you.
Coaching is the way to lead, to communicate and to be.
We believe that coaching is not just a set of skills, it is not just a profession or an instrument[...]
Be a Coach Now
The biggest learnings from our Practicalities of Coaching and Corporate Coaching Modules.
Our Coaching Training is accredited by ICF!
Why it is important to get an accredited coach training
New Programme in BeCoach Academy: Leadership Coaching Programme
Learn Leadership Coaching with our new programme!
After Sep’19 Coaching Practicum
An alternative coaching method to support your coachee to explore his/ her vision and set goals - What we practiced in our coaching practicum in September'19.
Photography and Coaching
What has photography and coaching has in common? A lot says my colleague and friend Aycin Teker. Aycin being a[...]
Career Coaching
What makes career coaching important and how it supports people to find fulfilling careers
Video Series Coaching Competencies and Definition of Coaching
In this video series, Elena will be introducing to you the definition of coaching and core coaching competencies defined by International Coach Federation.
What does it mean to live a values-driven life?
We all want to be happy or feel joyful and fulfilled. And we try different things in order to achieve[...]
Make the time with your family and loved ones count!
Make the time with your family and loved ones count during the christmas time! Give your presence and listening as a gift to them.
First weekend of the Professional Coaching Diploma Program
The first Professional Coaching Diploma Program kicked off on 11th of November.   It was full of learning, inspiration and[...]
A Magic Formula of Coaching
One of the very first books on coaching I read was a book written by Timothy Galway, ‘The Inner Game of[...]
When is it time for Coaching
At BeCoach Academy we provide professional coach training. But this doesn’t mean that coaching is the right fit for every[...]
The Power of Language
We use language to express our thoughts and feelings but the language we use in turn affects our thoughts and[...]
How Being a Coach Influenced My Life
In BeCoach Academy we believe that coaching is not just a skill set and it is even not just a[...]
Why do I do What I do?
"Happiness comes from what we do. Fulfillment comes from why we do it.” writes Simon Sinek. How great it is[...]

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