Join us in the Next Coaching Practicum to Create Your vision and let it guide you

Vision is the future picture of who you will be, what you will have and what you will do. It is a picture that gives you the sense of purpose, the excitement and the motivation.

Let’s come together in September!
August was holiday season for most of us. We hope you had a nice time - off, gave your body[...]
Photography and Coaching
What has photography and coaching has in common? A lot says my colleague and friend Aycin Teker. Aycin being a[...]
Career Coaching
Work and careers have become so important in our lives. We spend one third of our lives at work. Work[...]
Video Series Coaching Competencies and Definition of Coaching
In BeCoach Academy we follow the standards of ICF - International Coach Federation, a world known authority that set standards[...]
Coaching is the way to lead, to communicate and to be
We believe that coaching is not just a set of skills, it is not just a profession, or an instrument[...]
What does it mean to live a values-driven life?
We all want to be happy or feel joyful and fulfilled. And we try different things in order to achieve[...]
Set Goals the Right Way and Create Your Best Year Ever
On Saturday 5th we held the webinar Create Your Best Year Ever. The goal of this webinar was to support[...]
Make the time with your family and loved ones count!
It is that time of the year. Most of you are on holidays between christmas and new year.  Most of[...]
First weekend of the Professional Coaching Diploma Program
The first Professional Coaching Diploma Program kicked off on 11th of November.   It was full of learning, inspiration and[...]
A Magic Formula of Coaching
One of the very first books on coaching I read was a book written by Timothy Galway, ‘The Inner Game of[...]
When is it time for Coaching
In BeCoach Academy we provide professional coach training. But this doesn’t mean that coaching is right fit for every situation.[...]
The Power of Language
We use language to express our thoughts and feelings but the language we use in turn affects our thoughts and[...]
How Being a Coach Influenced My Life
In BeCoach Academy we believe that coaching is not just a skills set and it is even not just a[...]
Why do I do What I do?
"Happiness comes from what we do. Fulfilment comes from why we do it.” writes Simon Sinek. How great it is[...]

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