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BeCoach Connect Redesigned

Here at BeCoach Academy, we want to share everything we know about coaching with you!

That is why we organized a free half-day coaching workshop BeCoach Connect. And that is why the workshop was packed with tools and exercises to support you on your coaching journey.

The previous participants loved the content of the workshop (“The tools I’ve learned and practiced here are gold” – Natalie) but at the same time, they wanted to stay longer in the coaching practice.

We listened to the feedback and redesigned the BeCoach Connect experience: Less tools, more hands-on experience, more learning through doing!

In this workshop, you will

  • experience the difference of old models of helping versus the coaching mindset
  • learn the 3-step-coaching model
  • develop your coaching muscle by hands-on coaching practice

By the end of this half-day workshop, you will be able to step into the coaching mindset, take a coaching stance in every conversation, and empower others through your coaching.

Book your FREE ticket to BeCoach Connect here.