BeCoach Academy Coaching Model

We believe every individual has unlimited potential and resourcefulness, which they can activate and bring into the world, to their organisations, to their communities to create a change and make a difference. Every individual transformation grows into bigger waves of transformation that touches more and more people. The transformation of an individual begins with the individual gaining awareness of who she is deep inside.

BeCoach Academy Model

A coach facilitates and journeys with the individual (the client) in this exploration by deep listening, skilful questioning, effective communication and feedback. The presence of the coach and the relationship touch the individual like a drop falling onto the water. It creates an energy and movement that supports the individual to explore even deeper who she is.

Coach supports the client to gain awareness and take responsibility of his actions and decisions, providing opportunities for learning. Coach and client inquire the attitudes, coach supports client to gain awareness of his values, challenges limiting beliefs, and encourages client in creating empowering beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, actions that maximizes his potential and resourcefulness.