October 8

After the Workshop “Be a coach and Make a difference – Coaching for Bhutan”


We had our workshop “Be a coach and Make a difference – Coaching for Bhutan” on September 20th. The goal of the workshop was to invest in our growth:

1. growth of 120 disabled and disadvantaged young people in Draktsho East of Bhutan through supporting the construction of a library with the “Open Your Heart to Bhutan” charity.

2. growth of ourselves by practicing coaching competencies such as listening, establishing trust and intimacy.

3. growth of the people who we coach by supporting them to clarify what matters to them, set goals and reach them.

We had a cosy environment with deep discussions and coaching conversations aided through the value cards. We discussed what values are and we selected cards that represented our most important life values.  In three coaching conversations we talked about how to experience the three most important values in our lives. The first coaching conversation was about the values that we already have in our lives, second one was about a value we want to experience more of and the third was about the value, that we currently don’t have space for but want to have in our lives.

Through coaching each other we gained clarity what those values meant to us. We practiced coaching in pairs and after each session reflected on our experience as a coach on how well we listened and how comfortable we made our coachee to feel and as a coachee, about how comfortable we felt and how well we were listened.

As a result of our workshop we practiced listening in three levels,  establishing rapport and trust, which helps coachee to have a deeper exploration, gain deeper awareness and have powerful learning. We explored asking questions in a way that allows insights and establishes trust. We used GROW model as a guide to our coaching session and we practiced throughout the sessions being present, being in the agenda of the client rather than on our own agenda or listening for our curiosity.

We, as BeCoach Academy, will continue to organise events that promotes coaching competencies. If you’d like to learn all the coaching competencies, create a new career path for yourself as a coach, enhance your leadership skills and step up in your career or improve your communication skills and your relationships, join us in the Professional Coaching Diploma Program. 



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