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Acknowledge and Empower

I recently interviewed graduates of the Professional Coaching Diploma programme and one question I asked was “What was most surprising about the programme?”

Izzy said, “I was surprised about the feedback I got on my coaching!” He thought he was a quiet person and could not formulate strong questions. The feedback was exactly the opposite.

I was not surprised, I could see the power of Izzy’s questions and his presence immediately. But he did not. He needed other people to say it to him so he could see himself.

That is a common experience for all of us. We don’t see our strengths, we don’t see our unique powers.

If we ever think we do something well, we don’t value it because we assume everybody does it well too and it is nothing special.

We are great to notice our “weaknesses” though. And all our energy goes into covering up and improving our weaknesses. That takes a lot of effort. And it carries with it the magnifying glass of judgment which influences our self-confidence, and resourcefulness negatively.

What is the turnaround to positivity, to confidence, to resourcefulness?

It is acknowledgment.

By acknowledging people, you help them see who they uniquely are. You help them connect to their own power and resourcefulness.

Acknowledgment is an important part of being a coach. It is what coaches do to evoke awareness but also to build trust and emotional safety. A coach “acknowledges and respects the client’s unique talents, insights and work in the coaching process”.

When a person connects with her own strength, they can work, create, grow, influence, impact effortlessly and with high energy. This energy impacts all parts of their life and even lives of others who they interact with.

You can be the catalyst of this energy. You can support people discover who they uniquely are. You can empower, inspire and help others grow by being a coach.

Would you like to learn how to acknowledge powerfully?

Would you like to create a nourishing environment for people’s growth?

Would you like to dive into the world of coaching?

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