Welcome to Beginning of Your Being a Coach!

Our Vision and Mission 

We believe that coaching is not just a set of skills, it is not just a profession or an instrument for better people management, it is a lifestyle, an attitude, a way of being.

To BE a coach means to support and encourage people to get an access to that limitless potential by turning off the noise of self-doubt and self-criticism with absolute trust in their ability to find their own answers and walk their own path, to Become the Best they can Become.

By being “a coach” an individual can influence, inspire and empower people around them to maximize their personal, professional and human potential. A trained coach is like a drop of water: when it touches the surface, it creates circles that grow outwards, activating and energising water particles with every ripple and reaching out to the farthest shores.

That is our vision for BeCoach Academy. We envision creating big waves, to inspire and empower hundreds, thousands, millions to maximise their potential through coaches who graduate from our programme. We believe that there will be more acceptance, love, trust in our communities when more people are to BE coaches.

Our mission is train
1. Professional coaches who will help people to fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals
2. Leaders who will inspire people’s growth and development with coaching approach
so that we maximize humanity's potential.

Our Learning Philosophy

We believe every individual has unlimited potential and resourcefulness, which they can activate and bring into the world, to their organisations, to their communities to create a change and make a difference. Individual transformation creates waves and becomes the catalyst of a collective transformation.

The first step is the individual gaining awareness of who they are deep inside. 

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The coach facilitates this transformation journey.

In BeCoach Academy you will learn to partner with the individual (the client) about their awareness of who they truly are by deep listening, skilful questioning, effective communication and feedback.

You will support the client to gain awareness and take responsibility of their actions, decisions, and attitudes providing opportunities for learning. You will evoke client's awareness to their values, challenge limiting beliefs, and partner with them in creating empowering beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, actions that maximizes their potential and resourcefulness.

In BeCoach Academy you will go multiple learning experiences that will expose you to your own resourcefulness and the resourcefulness of others. By practising the "doing", you will
embrace the being of the coach.

We are here to support you

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